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About the Project
Electronic Fee Collection for Free-Flowing Traffic
The project Electronic Fee Collection for Free-Flowing Traffic is a result of co-operation between Slovenian companies, universities and a national mobile telecommunication operator. Using the latest telecommunication and information technologies, the project resulted in a prototype solution that works on all highways in Slovenia.

Starting activities  
  • evaluation of different technical tolling solutions
  • following the EU studies and directives
  • the result: GNSS/CN offers several advantages
    • long-term compliance with ITS and EU directives
    • unlimited possibilities for value added services
Advanced activities  
  • implementation of first Slovenian GNSS/CN FF ETC pilot project in 2005
  • further development progress in direction of nation-wide implementation
  • introduction of user-friendly and provider-efficient free-flow ETC
  • establishment of a national toll-collection service centre
  • introduction of intelligent system for billing and traffic flow management